Galway 2020 and Friends of Merlin Woods present

Merlin Through Time

A Small Towns Big Ideas project
DATE 18 September & 20 December 2020; 1 February 2021
LOCATION Merlin Woods, Galway City

Merlin Park Woods, Galway City’s oldest and largest woodland, is the site for Merlin Through Time; a project combining social history and environmental awareness through a series of special woodland events.

Merlin Through Time will explore the history of the woods and the social and cultural trends that shaped and influenced its uses over the past two centuries. The project also focuses on the contemporary challenges and triumphs that Merlin Woods has experienced and poses important questions about what role urban woodlands play in supporting biodiversity and sustainable lifestyles.

Merlin Through Time presents three special woodlands events on; Culture Night, Winter Solstice, and St. Brigid’s Day, inviting the local community and visitors to join artists and activists to experience and celebrate this oasis on the edge of Galway City.