Galway 2020 and Galway Film Centre in association with Screen Talent Europe present

Northern Peripheries

Galway Stories Through a 2020 Lens
DATE August 2020 to February 2021
LOCATION Online and Galway City
CREDITS In association with GMIT and Moetion Films. With the support of Epic Games.
Image courtesy of Northern Peripheries

During 2020, 16 young filmmakers selected from Ireland and across Europe will work together remotely on the preproduction of a virtual production short film. The participants will then come together physically in Galway in 2021 for a live-action green screen shoot to complete production.

Virtual production is where the physical and digital worlds meet, combining live-action with VFX and game-engine technologies to enable production crews to see their scenes as they are composed and captured on set. Throughout this virtual production camp, the filmmakers will be mentored by industry professionals at the highest level. The short film will be based on stories of Galway and will be brought to life using Unreal Engine (the brains behind the global gaming phenomenon, Fortnite).

Facilitated by expert filmmakers from the Screen Talent Europe network and with support from the creators of Unreal Engine, EPIC Games, the workshop aims to allow for the exchange of knowledge and networking between filmmakers from across Europe. The film will be screened later in 2021. For further updates, seeĀ Galway Film Centre.

Pre-production (Participants Only) March 2021. Green Screen production shoot takes place in Galway (Participants only) Film Premiere – 2021, date to be announced.

In association with GMIT and Moetion Films. With the support of Epic Games.