Galway 2020 and Manchán Magan presents

Sea Tamagotchi: Foclóir Farraige

CREDITS Manchán Magan
Kari Cahill

Sea Tamagotchi: Foclóir Farraige is a linguistic art project celebrating endangered maritime words and placenames in the coastal regions of Galway, Mayo, Sligo and Donegal.


Irish writer and television programme maker Manchán Magan roams the sea-roads and coastal trails of the Atlantic coast in the company of local folklorists, fishermen and linguists, seeking and collecting forgotten placenames and words, gathered into individual sound files and finally dispersed among the public online and in print.

In the tradition of the tamagotchi (a handheld digital pet), you are invited to keep these words alive, nurturing them in the routine of their daily lives.


Visit Manchán Magan’s website to see more about Sea Tamagotchi: