Sea Tamagotchi

Commissioned by Galway 2020
DATE Imbolc and Bealtaine
LOCATION Connacht and Ulster
Image Kari Cahill

Sea Tamagotchi: Foclóir Farraige is a linguistic art project that seeks out and celebrates endangered maritime words and placenames in the coastal regions of Galway, Mayo, Sligo and Donegal.

Manchán Magan roams the sea-roads of each region in the company of a local folklorist, cartographer or linguist, seeking out forgotten placenames and words. These are then distributed to the public at a carnival-like stall, where people are invited to play games, circulating the words in the process. A grand celebratory gathering will then take place, where the full dictionary of rediscovered words will be gifted to the world.

Manchán Magan, Emily Robyn Archer

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