Project Baa Baa

Sheep Breed Wool Portraits

DATE 28 October - 5 November 2020
VENUE Claregalway Castle, Open daily Monday - Friday: 10-4pm
CREDITS Kathy Ross, Textile Artist



Kathy Ross

Irish Textile Artist, Kathy Ross has created 12 new portraits of Irish pedigree breeds of sheep.

Portraits incorporate needle felted wool shearing taken from each of the breeds. Each portrait is created by a complex layering of needle felted sheep wool with hand and machine embroidery producing a hyper-realistic representation of each sheep breed.

The process is unique and highly original, the use of shearings from individual breeds fused into the artworks portrays the story of each breed raising awareness of the importance of Irish sheep wool and highlighting the variety of wool and breeds in Ireland.

Work began in May 2019, when the artist visited with the breeders and photographed the family of sheep, Ewe, Ram and Lambs.

Work is exhibited at Claregalway Castle as part of the European Congress of Sheep Farming & Associated Traditions Conference and LIVING with SHEEP days.