Galway 2020 and Drop Everything present

Studio Drop

LOCATION Inis Oírr, Aran Islands
Dry Stone Walls by Tom O’Dea, Mick Murray, Brian Kenny, Drop Everything 2018
‘You have to do it wrong to get it right’ – Pádraig Póil, Dry Stone Wall Builder.

An architecture and design project by Drop Everything. Inspired by both the aesthetic and construction methods of common sights on the West of Ireland landscape from corrugated iron hay sheds to stone walls, Studio Drop explores the possibilities of affordable, sustainable and DIY design and building.

Emmett McNamara and Harrison Gardner will create an off-grid, temporary, movable studio space. Introductory workshops in construction design, technique and possibilities for newcomers to the building community will be on offer during the build phase of the project. Once completed, a seasonal rotation of artist residencies will take place in the studio.

Artists Drop Everything
Founder and curator Mary Nally
Architect Emmett McNamara Designer and Builder Harrison Gardner

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