Galway 2020 and Super8 Productions

Super8 Shots

A Small Towns Big Ideas project
DATE March 2021
LOCATION Galway City
CREDITS Julien Dorgere and Emiljia Jefremova
Super8 Productions

A Small Towns Big Ideas project, Super8 Shots Festival promotes communication through the language of film, to show the versatility of 8mm film, how it can be inspired by other art forms and in turn inspire further creation. Super8 will be used as an educational tool to combine our collective history and our present to create something new that seamlessly moves into the future.

Galway is one of the unique places where digital restoration of film happens locally. This festival is an opportunity to showcase the direct connection to the past guided by experts in the field.

The project collaborates with Kaunas 2022 European Capital of Culture through the sharing of our film culture between these two cities. The migration of 8mm Galway footage to Kaunas with new work returning links our cultures and communities in a unique manner. This presents a unique opportunity to create new connections through the medium of film across cultures and generations while keeping in mind our shared history and heritage.

Dates, times and venue to be announced.

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