Syngelines Festival

Arts Over Borders, commissioned by Galway 2020.
DATE September
LOCATION Galway City and County
A specially curated multi-arts festival for Galway 2020 dedicated to the life and work of the great Irish writer, J M Synge and his close connections to Galway and the Aran Islands.

J M Synge was an Irish playwright, prose writer, travel writer and collector of folklore, who spent several years visiting and writing about the Aran Islands. This festival will include some of Synge’s major works, as well as reflections on his European influences, his peers and Synge the musician.

Curated with a strong sense of place, the programmed events will take place in wonderful and unusual surroundings, exploring a full range of artforms to evoke heightened experiences that enhance our perception of the artist’s work.

Curated by Seán Doran and Liam Browne

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