Galway 2020 and Saolta Arts in partnership with Saolta University Health Care Group presents

The Deepest Shade of Green

DATE February – December
LOCATION Connacht and Ulster
VENUE University Hospitals: Galway, Merlin Park, Portiuncula, Mayo, Sligo, Letterkenny and Roscommon
Image Deirdre O’Mahony, Mic on Location, Portacloy Beach, Mayo 2019

Over four distinct seasons in 2020, Saolta Arts presents exhibitions, events and new work by renowned Irish visual artists Ceara Conway and Deirdre O’Mahony and theatre practitioners Sarah Fuller and Manuela Corbari.

The Deepest Shade of Green explores the importance of connecting our hospitals with the world outside, and the importance of listening to and learning from those who use them. Made for, with, and about the hospital community, The Deepest Shade of Green creates spaces for a diversity of voices to be heard by one another.





Imbolc – Samhain

Viriditas is a song cycle composed by renowned Irish artist and singer Ceara Conway in response to an extended process of engagement at Galway University Hospitals.

Interweaving newly composed contemporary songs with traditional European healing songs from Georgia and Italy, Viriditas takes the listener on a journey through songs inspired by conversations with staff and patients, and recordings of hospital equipment, plants, and the tools of sound healers.

Artist: Ceara Conway

Listen to Viriditas online.


West of Sumer


In an exploration of plants known for their associations with modern medicine and traditional herbal remedies, West of Sumer is the first exhibition of The Deepest Shade of Green. Including botanical art, drawing, and photography, the exhibition features the work of artists interested in the collection, classification, control, and reproduction of the natural world.

Artists: Chelsea Physic Garden Florilegium Society (UK), Tom Molloy (IE), Sophia Rosamund Praeger (IE), Diana Scherer (DE/NL), Lydia Shackleton (IE), Françoise Sergy (CH/UK)



Bealtaine – Samhain

POST_ is a newly commissioned audio-based artwork by acclaimed Irish artist Deirdre O’Mahony which uses a scripted voiceover and ambient recordings made in regions served by the Saolta University Health Care Group to allow patients and the wider public to imaginatively travel to familiar parts of the West of Ireland.

Artist: Deirdre O’Mahony


Call if you are passing…

Bealtaine – Lughnasa

Celebrating the launch of POST_, the newly commissioned audio-based artwork by Deirdre O’Mahony, Call if you are passing… presents pertinent examples from the artist’s socially engaged practice in rural contexts in Ireland, Denmark and the USA. The exhibition makes visible tacit, place-based knowledge and the value of artistic practices in fostering social, cultural and community exchange.

Artist: Deirdre O’Mahony and the Saolta Arts Participative Arts Programme


A Bird at My Window and Other Stories


Specially adapted for younger audiences in the healthcare setting, A Bird at My Window and Other Stories is a magical and thought-provoking response to an Italian children’s book which transforms the bed areas of young patients into miniature theatre spaces. In a series of immersive and intimate bedside performances, theatre practitioners Sarah Fuller and Manuela Corbari share an enchanting collection of stories where the natural and human worlds are intertwined.

Artists: Sarah Fuller and Manuela Corbari


A Deeper Shade of Green

Lughnasa and Samhain

The closing exhibition, A Deeper Shade of Green, borrows its title from a 2006 publication by patients of Merlin Park University Hospital, in which older people shared their knowledge of the land and its customs. The exhibition highlights the importance of integrating nature in the design and planning of our healthcare buildings and of listening to, and learning from, those who use them. It finds parallels in a patient’s view from the window of an oncology ward and the open window of a puppetry show, through which a bird escapes to find its song.

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