Galway Traveller Movement and the National Traveller Organisations in collaboration with Galway 2020

Travellers’ Tales

DATE October 2019 and June 2020
LOCATION Galway City and County

Galway 2020 is working with Galway Traveller Movement and the National Traveller Organisations on a number of projects that will celebrate Traveller and nomadic cultures in 21st century Ireland and Europe.

Indiana Donovan, Carrowbrowne. Photographer Alice McDowell

Sitting within our Small Towns Big Ideas programme MISLEÓR, Festival of Nomadic Cultures is a new festival taking place in October 2019 which is co-produced by Galway Traveller Movement and Alice McDowell, documentary film-maker working in the field of human rights and democracy. Using music, art, film, poetry and talks, MISLEÓR will explore Irish and European nomadic culture and traditions while highlighting the common social, political and cultural barriers these communities experience.

Galway 2020 will also work with local and national Traveller organisations for a special event to mark Traveller Pride Week 2020. This collaborative event will focus on recognising Traveller culture and ethnicity and will highlight the contribution that the Traveller community makes to Irish culture and society.

Galway 2020 is commissioning radio producer Lucy Hannah to work with Traveller communities on a storytelling project that will see participants create their own dramatic retelling of Traveller life and history. Lucy and a creative team will be working over a number of months with Traveller communities to find new ways of making their stories heard.

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