Hope It Rains

Umbrella Orphanage Takes Flight

DATE 19 September 2020
CREDITS Artist: Jeni Roddy
Partners: Athenry MAD Festival
Conall Geoghagan

Join Hope it Rains in Athenry to launch the giant Umbrella Orphanage kite. Created by Jeni Roddy from some 670 broken brollies rescued by Galwegians after the winter storms, this huge four metre barrilete realises Galway’s umbrellas’ natural inclination to take flight. In its final incarnation, the barrilete will spread its wings to create a rain canopy and outdoor work space for local community groups.

Bring your own kite, and you can try out some of Jeni’s smaller flying umbrellas too.

If you have a broken brolly at home, check out Jeni’s Umbrella Orphanage Covid-19 Hacks on  for how to put it to beautiful and practical use.

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