Galway 2020 and TULCA Festival of Visual Arts present


DATE Arrivals 29 February, Deep States 6–27 March, Threads (postponed)
LOCATION Galway, Gort, Carrick-on-Shannon
Image Ciara O’Kelly, Procedures for a Prosperous Ecology, 2018, TULCA 2018

TULCA Festival of Visual Art presents UnSelfing; a programme of exhibitions, performances and encounters with visual art taking place in Galway and across the country. It takes as its theme Iris Murdoch’s concept of ‘UnSelfing’; the idea that in order to find inner truth, it is necessary to seek outside of one’s self; to be curious about the people, places and ideas that surround us.

‘Arrivals’ is a dynamic launch event taking place on a moving train featuring artist Isadora Epstein and a cast of performers interpreting the ideas of Iris Murdoch.

‘Deep States’ is an exhibition curated by Helen Carey at Nuns’ Island Theatre. A sculptural installation acts as a backdrop to a series of performances by Dominic Thorpe and Boris Nieslony, asking: ‘who is abusing who’ in politics.

‘Threads’, curated by Sarah Searson at the Dock Carrick-On-Shannon features video, sculpture and photography by Austin Ivers examining Cold War systems of state control, with a related programme of talks, readings and screenings.


Arrivals Saturday 29 February, 1.45pm, (meet at Ceannt train station), €10 – booking essential

Deep States 13–27 March, 11am–5pm, Nuns Island Theatre, Galway

Threads (postponed)

All Threads events are 16+

Arrivals Isadora Epstein
Deep States Dominic Thorpe, Boris Nieslony
Threads Austin Ivers

Deep States Helen Carey
Threads Sarah Searson

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