Galway 2020 and TULCA Festival of Visual Arts present


LOCATION Galway, Leitrim, Online
Deep States: Dominic Thorpe, Boris Nieslony
Threads: Austin Ivers
Nothing to Look Forward to But The Past: Stuart Cairns,
Nadege Meriau

Deep States Helen Carey
Threads Sarah Searson
Nothing to Look Forward to But The Past Gregory McCartney

Image Ciara O’Kelly, Procedures for a Prosperous Ecology, 2018, TULCA 2018

Unfortunately this event has had to be postponed due to current COVID-19 restrictions. Rescheduled dates for the event will be announced as soon as possible.

TULCA Festival of Visual Art presents UnSelfing; a programme of exhibitions, performances and encounters with visual art taking place in Galway and across the country. It takes as its theme Iris Murdoch’s concept of ‘UnSelfing’; the idea that in order to find inner truth, it is necessary to seek outside of one’s self; to be curious about the people, places and ideas that surround us.

This year 2020,  TULCA  marks its 18th year and has invited three alumni curators Sarah Searson (The Dock, Leitrim), Gregory McCartney (Abridged, Derry) and Helen Carey (Fire Station Artists Studios) to examine our challenging and irreplaceable world, working with Irish and European artists in Galway and other locations.

Deep States is an exhibition curated by Helen Carey at Nuns’ Island Theatre Galway.  A sculptural installation acts as a backdrop to a series of performances by Dominic Thorpe and Boris Nieslony, asking: ‘who is abusing who’ in politics.

Threads curated by Sarah Searson at the Dock Carrick-On-Shannon features video, sculpture and photography by Austin Ivers examining Cold War systems of state control, with a related programme of talks, readings and screenings.

Nothing To Look Foward to But The Past curated by Gergory McCartney. The original Nothing to Look Forward to But The Past was written before the Covid-19 Pandemic, but it somewhat eerily articulates the sudden change in everyday life and behaviour which the virus has caused to reassess. A re-imagining of the project sees the exhibition and publication element move online to the website.  New work commissions include artist Belfast based artist Stuart Cairns and Nadege Meriau, a French, London based artist.  A series of essays have also been commissioned exploring the situation we find ourselves in. The current pandemic will have a major effect on how we move forward in the future if we are to move forward at all.


Deep States 31 July 2020 – 8 August 2020 Nuns Island Theatre, Galway

Threads 24 Oct 2020 – 9 Jan 2021, The Dock, Carrick on Shannon

Nothing To Look Foward to But The Past 1 December 2020 – 31 March 2021