Saolta Arts with Galway 2020 presents


as part of 'The Deepest Shade of Green' in partnership with Galway University Hospitals and Saolta University Health Care Group presents The Deepest Shade of Green.
DATE To be announced
LOCATION Galway City and County
VENUE University Hospital Galway, Merlin Park University Hospital; Portiuncula University Hospital, Ballinasloe: TBC Roscommon University Hospital, Roscommo
CREDITS Lead artist/composer/performer Ceara Conway
Vocals Anna Mullarkey, Peter Mannion, Richard Fitzgerald
Musicians Jack Talty, Francesco Turissi, Anna Mullarkey
Illustrator Ann McBride
Music of the Plants recording facilitator Marina Levitina
Singing bowls Mara Elaine O’Grady
Viriditas, 2019. Image Ceara Conway

Viriditas is a song cycle composed by renowned Irish artist and singer Ceara Conway following an extended process of engagement at Galway University Hospitals.

Interweaving newly-composed contemporary songs with traditional European healing songs from Georgia and Italy, the project explores practices of healing, well-being and the effects of systems on the spirit and health of those living and working within them.

*This is a closed event and not open to the public.

Viriditas takes the listener on a mesmerising journey through songs inspired by conversations with staff, patients and recordings of hospital equipment. The cycle includes songs celebrating life and life force, the medicinal healing properties of plants and laments for the current threat to their extinction.

Presented as a series of intimate performances throughout the wards and waiting rooms of Galway’s public hospitals, Viriditas is also available online at  and as a CD and illustrated publication, bringing ‘the greening power’ to the wider public. Viriditas will also take place at Portiuncula University Hospital, Ballinasloe and Roscommon University Hospital, Roscommon. Date and times are to be announced.

Viriditas took place at University Hospital Galway and Merlin Park University Hospital from 17–21 February 2020.

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