Hope It Rains


DATE Artworks: 1 October 2020 - 31 March 2021; Symposium: 2 February 2021 
PRICE Free. Booking Essential
CREDITS Artist: Paddy Bloomer
Paddy Bloomer

Weatherbots are functional artworks powered by the weather. Exploring the artistic possibilities of renewable energy generation using the weather as the material. Weatherbots spark us to realise the potential of decarbonised and decentralised energy production.

Belfast artist-inventor-plumber Paddy Bloomer practice involves exploiting unusual power sources and technologies. Commissioned by Hope It Rains Bloomer creates a water-borne experimental weather-control station. In collaboration with NUI Galway’s College of Engineering & Informatics, Hope it Rains and artist Paddy Bloomer propose a solution to the cold as a barrier to outdoor activities.

The project commenced in 2018 with a Weatherbots Inventor Camp for teens, artists and engineers, and culminates in an online public symposium on art, community and renewable energy on February 2nd 20121.  The symposium is free and ticketed,  booking at, suitable for 16+.  Full programme and speakers to be announced.

Partners: College of Engineering & Informatics, NUI Galway