Galway 2020 in association with Francis Heery and Ciarán Óg Arnold present

Zones of Transit

A Small Towns Big Ideas project
DATE January 15 2021
VENUE Online
CREDITS Francis Heery and Ciarán Óg Arnold
Ciaran Óg Arnold

Zones of Transit is an audio-visual composition, a mixed media essay, using sound and image to create an abstract psycho-geography of the town of Ballinasloe and its surrounding landscapes.

The title references the river crossing at Ballinasloe, which has been a major route between East and West for centuries. It also references the trains that criss-cross the cutaway bogs around Ballinasloe. Finally it echos the sense of layered memory and currents of deep time that seem to flow through the midlands of Ireland.

When you look just under the surface at Ballinasloe’s heritage, rich layers of myth and semi-myth emerge, bringing to mind a world that seems alien to us today.

Irish composer Francis Heery and photographer Ciaran Óg Arnold meditate on myth, voice, the passing of time, and the rich cultural heritage of the midlands, evoking the hidden moods and resonances of the area.

The work will be available to view online from 15 January 2021 on

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