The Fisherwives

Date 30.09.2018
Time 03:30 PM
Organiser Brú Theatre

To celebrate the rich folklore and history of the Claddagh, local company Brú Theatre are created a street performance as a part of Small Towns Big Ideas entitled The Fisherwives.

For hundreds of years, the Claddagh was a community outside the walls of the city of Galway. It had its own king, its own customs, with the sea and fishing being central to the tight-knit community. The Fisherwives, a nine-strong masked ensemble inspired by fishmarket traders of old, weaved through the Claddagh, Spanish Arch and Quay Street, reimagining what a fish market might have looked like 100 years ago.

Performers in the ensemble were drawn from across the city, with a focus on inviting younger participants to be part of the process as Brú Theatre engaged with students from Claddagh National School, as well as secondary level pupils amongst the adult ensemble.

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